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Solar Tree for Your House

  • Normal Solar Rooftop have multiple poles, Fixed at for 25 years at Same locations
  • Traditional Solar System Require trenching system, drilling at top of house, Site Welding and Installation
  • We are developing world’ s first and only Solar Tree for Rooftop with having following features
  • Power on the Wheel (Portable) : This Solar Tree will be mounted on the wheel so we can shift Solar Tree from one Location to Another Location easily.
  • Foldable : We can fold Solar Tree easily to use the terrace temporarily for some other use. For an example flying of kite
  • Made in Factory and Delivered at Site - Typical Solar System involves various steps like Design, Engineer, Construction and Others but our Solar Tree can be designed, engineered, installed in a factory and delivered at Site without having any hassle of Site work.

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