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Solar Power Tree

PowerTree comes in a wide range of product ranging between 1 kw to 25 kw to understand & fulfil your energy needs. Also, making sure that it is durable for all weather conditions and low maintenance. It also saves 95% space on the ground for installing same capacity of the solar.


  • 98% less space required in ground compared to Normal Ground Mounted Solar Plants
  • Can be installed in any uncertain locations of the cities like Gardens, Tourist Places, In Between Road and many other locations
  • One Solar Tree can generate 1 Kw - 16 Kw from Single Tree ( 4 Units (Kwh) - 64 Units (Kwh) in a day). Can be networked together for more generation
  • Rotate Like a Sunflower to give 20% more generation compared to traditional solar Power plant
  • Can be utilised as Micro-grids, Solar Powered Generators, Emergency Power Sources, Power Officer and Many Other Applications

Auto-Solar tracking

Integrated seating

LED accent lighting

Green advertising



Mobile/Laptop Charging facility

Energy Storage

Self-cleaning mechanism

Vast color options

Products Data List


  • POWER TREE 5-10 KW - Download PDF
  • POWER TREE 1-5 KW - Download PDF
  • POWER TREE 10-15 KW - Download PDF

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