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The Three Behind The ‘Tree’

We wished, hoped and prayed that the Climate Crisis turns out to be another myth spread by some conspiracy theorists. But as much as we wish, we are well aware that climate crisis is as real as our next door neighbour. And we couldn’t have stopped at just watching frightening documentaries about our dwindling planet, panicking and keeping the tap closed while brushing teeth. What propelled us to conceptualize Powertree was our strong and collective belief that electricity is for all.

Advisory Board

Dr. Indrajit Mulhopadhyay

Head ,Solar Research Development Centre, PDPU

Mr. Akhilesh Magal

Head - Renewable Advisory Gujarat Energy Research and Management

Mr. Abhinav Kapadia

Chief Financial Officer Pandit Deendayal Petroleum University Director PDPU Innovation & Incubation Centre

Mr. Anay Mashruwala

Managing Director Venus Engineering Works and Mentor at PDPU Innovation & Incubation Centre

Mr. Vikrant Potnis

Director - Forthemega Advisors

Mr. Jatin Kataria

Founder - InMesta

Execution Team

Mr. Shani Pandya

Founder & Director

Mr. Mayank Patel

Chief Operating Officer

Mr. Harsh Bhatt

Chief Marketing Officer

We knew we had to do more

You can make a difference. Will enable you to do it.

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