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Solar EV Charging

We believe our chief differentiators from our competitors are our ability to invent, design, engineer, and manufacture solar powered products which dramatically reduce the cost, time and complexity of the installation and operation of EV charging infrastructure when compared to traditional, utility grid tied alternatives.

Our EV charging solution overcomes critical challenges like:

  • Charging Range : Solar Powered Electric Vehicle Charging Station will provide 500 km Range to electrical two wheelers in a day
  • No Site Work, Made in a Factory : There will be No Foundation Work, No Site Work, No Electrical Work will be required at Site
  • Portable : This structure will fold itself as an when required and it will have a wheels so we can easily move from one place to another place
  • All kind of Charging Speed : This will support level 1 & Level 2 Chargers by Networking with Other we can also get level 3 DC Fast Charging as well
  • Blockchain Enable : We are working with Singapore based venture XinFIn for development of Global Charging Infrastructure Integrated with Blockchain & Crypto

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